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This is the place where professional demand for Kids Footwears “Made in Italy” meets one of the best italian brand in the field


This website is dedicated to our professional partners/leads. Inside, you will find our range of children’s footwear, entirely handcrafted in our workshop using the finest materials we personally select. You have the opportunity to review the products, prices, commercial terms, and, if interested, proceed with placing an order.

To access these features, you’ll need to log in with your unique username and password. To obtain your credentials, please send us an email at, introducing your company and providing the following details: address, contact person, country of origin, target market, and reason for interest. We will respond within a couple of days.

In the meantime, feel free to take a look at our PDF catalogs or browse the collections online from the main menu.

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at your child’s feet

We believe that the child’s health starts from the foot. For this reason, for over a century we have been making every single pair of shoes by hand using only high quality leathers and materials.


We learn from children. They are happy for no reason, they are always busy with something and they believe in at least 10 impossible dreams. We are inspired by this when we design our collections, remembering that the comfort and well-being of their feet is fundamental.



A rich mix of proposals that ranges from the “Due Occhi”, the iconic sandal of all our collections, to sportswear models and more fashion proposals, combining leather and traditional hides with the search for innovative materials. News, quality and ability to excite.


We pay the utmost attention to avoiding the use of potentially harmful materials or accessories that are dangerous for children. Everything is child-friendly, and the wisdom of our master shoemakers is at the service of well-being and comfort.


Ideal processing is a particular technique in which the upper, specially prepared, is then sewn using a machine called “Rapid”. The thread, once made of cotton and then nylon, is passed through a special boiler where there is molten pitch, to guarantee the total waterproofing.


1. Comfort

The midsole that fills the space between the insole and the sole offers a comfortable and soft support for the foot, making these shoes not only beautiful but also very comfortable.

2. Duration

3. Impermeability

The Ideal stitching guarantees the perfect adherence of the insole, sole, welt and upper, giving the shoe an almost total waterproofness.

4. Design

The Ideal workmanship returns a design, in which the upper, at the seam, falls with respect to the edge of the sole. A feature that makes these quality shoes perfectly recognizable.

click on the images below/beside to see a short video on Ideal processing

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