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From 1878 to the present day

We believe that the child’s health starts from the foot. For this reason, for over a century we have been making every single pair of shoes by hand using only high quality leathers and materials.

Comfort at you child’s feet

The Antica Calzoleria Eureka, from Mario Forzinetti in Milan 1878, to Andrea and Mauro Medori in Montegranaro today

The Antica Calzoleria Eureka was born in Milan in 1878 from the passion of the Forzinetti Family and especially of Mario Forzinetti who, after having commissioned an illustrious paediatrician of the time to create a form of wood that had all the requirements and characteristics suitable for a child’s foot, began the production of a sandal with two small holes on the front.
They were in all similar to two little eyes and that’s how the “two eyes” was born. Those sandals were so successful that from that moment on they were identified by everyone as the “two eyes sandal”. The idea was so new that it almost seemed like an invention and people started calling them “Eureka!”.

In the early ’70s that company “FM&C”, which with the brand “Eureka” now produced only men’s shoes, was purchased by the Medori family of Montegranaro. Alessandro Medori first, today Mauro and Andrea. It takes hands like his, like theirs, to build an “Ideal” shoe. 

The construction Ideal is the manual construction par excellence and among the most complex. Certainly it is the “ideal” and more functional for footwear dedicated to children. 
The company today has a factory of about 2000sqm in the heart of Montegranaro, with 10 employees and a daily production of 200 pairs of “ideal” shoes; it is an emblem of “Made in Italy”. The “Eureka” collections – elegant and well-fitting shoes – are distributed in the best specialized stores for children in Italy. Just in this time, the Medori brothers decided to work on an overall project to relaunch their business according to the simple principle of “know how to do, do and let people know”, enriching the “ideal” collection with new trendy models on the market, maintaining the craftsmanship and professionalism in the construction of the shoes using first choice materials that maintain the comfort and adaptability to children’s feet.


We learn from children. They are happy for no reason, they are always busy with something and they believe in at least 10 impossible dreams. We are inspired by this when we design our collections, remembering that the comfort and well-being of their feet is fundamental.



A rich mix of proposals that ranges from the “Due Occhi”, the iconic sandal of all our collections, to sportswear models and more fashion proposals, combining leather and traditional hides with the search for innovative materials. News, quality and ability to excite.


We pay the utmost attention to avoiding the use of potentially harmful materials or accessories that are dangerous for children. Everything is child-friendly, and the wisdom of our master shoemakers is at the service of well-being and comfort.


Ideal processing is a particular technique in which the upper, specially prepared, is then sewn using a machine called “Rapid”. The thread, once made of cotton and then nylon, is passed through a special boiler where there is molten pitch, to guarantee the total waterproofing.

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dueocchi generation eureka
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