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Frequently Asked Questions

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– How do I choose the right size?

You need to measure the length of your foot, from the toe tip to the heel and add 2/3 mm needed to walk comfortably. Then check the size in the chart. If the size falls between two sizes, take the larger one and possibly use an insole for the first few times. Children’s feet grow and it is not possible to predict their timing

– In the table “Size Guide” is not provided for the number 17, but in the various models you can order it. What is the foot size corresponding to size 17?

Take off about 5 mm from the size 18 measurement. That is the corresponding length, although with such small children it is always very difficult to get the foot length right.

– How should I indicate the double leather in models that are presented in two colors?
Choose the main leather in the appropriate strip and indicate the leather to match in the notes

– If I change the type of leather (calfskin/suede/trapper/etc) or the sole, does the price change?
No, the price remains the same. It changes only by size and not by materials

– I selected a model that has a buckle. Is it possible to have the same model with Velcro?
Yes it is possible, indicate it in the notes. In the notes you can also indicate some other detail you would like to change from the original model. We will inform you about the feasibility of the request.

What is the delivery time?
On average we need 60 working days ( 75 calendar days). However, problems may occur during processing that force us to delay delivery and we will be sure to inform you. In any case, these 60 working days start from the day we receive the deposit in our bank account. Until that time, you will have the opportunity to modify and revise the order in any part by sending us an email to”

– I placed a total order of 60 pairs but of some models I selected only 1 or 2 pairs. How does the discount work in this case?
A 10% discount will be applied to all models for which the minimum quantity of 4 pairs has been met. For quantities less than 4 pairs, no discount will be applied.

What is your return policy?
We are responsible for any defects (even hidden defects) that occur after delivery, as long as they are reported within 7 days of receipt of goods. You may email us at attaching photos and comments. It will be possible for you to choose whether to get new pairs back (with delivery within 15 days) or get back the price paid.

Who pays for transportation?
Our prices are “ex-works”: this means that the cost of transportation is your responsibility and you can choose the courier you prefer. In this case we will provide full shipping information (weight, volume, etc.) and you must provide us with shipping address and shipping labels. If you do not have a courier of your choice, we will make the best possible quote for your destination by charging you the exact cost on your invoice. Our quotes are always inclusive of the insurance cost

– What should I do if the packages I receive are damaged?
If you used your trusted freight forwarder, report the incident to him immediately. If, on the other hand, you used our freight forwarder, please email us immediately at also attaching illustrative photos. In any case, please put the words “WITH RESERVE,” on the shipping document you will receive with the packages so that the insurance can be properly activated.

– Can I pay via PAYPAL?
Yes you can pay via Paypal, but only on your request. In this case, please, send us an email at

– I placed the order from the platform, however, I would like to add other models not on the site that I have seen on your social pages or have ordered previously. What is the correct procedure?
Submit the order from the platform with the templates you have chosen by checking the “PRE-ORDER” choice. And send us an email to quoting the order number and attaching photos and quantities of the models you would like to add. We will complete the order and send you a complete pro-forma invoice indicating the deposit amount to be paid and our bank details.

– What do the acronyms LAST Q, LAST P, LAST S mean?
Each photo on the site represents the original model as we presented it in the collection. LAST is the shape of the toe of the shoe. You can choose to keep the original shape or change it to one of 3 choices.

– I have seen sandal and ankle boot models in which the words “ONLY WITH THIS LAST” are shown. What does that mean? Can I still change the shape?
No, for the models where “ONLY WITH THIS LAST” is indicated, it is not possible to change the last, for technical reasons. Specifically the M shape for sandals and the C shape for the “Clarks” type ankle boot.

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